Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tuesday Night Feast

Papa came visiting on an errand from Mom yesterday and Sunny had insisted the previous evening that we do not let him go unfed. This is his way of letting Papa shed-off his inhibitions about eating at his daughter's house. He even suggested the menu to me! Sweet! I just love his sense of hospitality :)

Anyways, I scooted home from office yesterday and this is what we finally had for dinner at 10pm -

Mix-veg Dal
Jeera Gobhi
Sorshe-bata diye Maachh
Dhaniya ki chutney (sour)
Tomato chutney (sweet)
Gurer kalakand & sandesh
(from Akarshan)
My favourite Gulabjamuns (from Haldiram's, Papa brought!)

Quite a feast, as Sunny said. And all with one functional gas-stove burner, as Papa commended.
I'm flying! :)

Recipes to be up soon.

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